Private sessions with Samara helped me to gain a better sense of my body and how it affects my life.  I became more comfortable with myself through the process, and began a journey of healing that has me feeling lighter, more energetic, pain-free, and centered.  Thank you, Samara! – Russell Fallstad

Samara in studio w tree

An In-body-ing lesson with Samara Michaelson looks more simple than I ever imagined it would, and it challenges me more deeply than I ever imagined it could. What she asked of me was easy enough, but I realized it was something I almost never do. Samara asked me to listen to my body, and then she taught me how to do that. -Sarah Elkins

Samara is a lovely and very special dancer/teacher/choreographer/human being. I journeyed to a workshop she led at her home studio in WV a couple of weekends ago. I find her so committed, skilled, and attuned to helping us find ourselves – and each other – more deeply through dance. She has a very interesting background in all this, which I feel really complements the 5Rhythms experiences we’re having in Charlottesville, VA.
-Mary S-S

Samara is a very definitive yet gentle yoga teacher. -Swan J.

After an afternoon-long dance journey with women from ages 16-72, allowing movement with others to reconnect me with my own resilience and body wisdom, I may not be walking tomorrow with these old bad knees, but they felt so right in each moment. -Marai Wise

On Floor

This studio is the most beautiful yoga studio I have EVER been in, and you can quote me on that! – Mary Davis

Yoga is about body-mind awareness.  It is the process of becoming physically integrated and emotionally sound.  What I respect most about Samara’s approach is that a session is never entirely planned; it is adapted to what my body needs in the present moment.  -Thomas Ball

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