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Samara 304-520-1501 texts and phone calls welcome.  Email: samaramich@gmail.com

I guide classes, workshops and individual sessions through the journey of the senses. When we perceive through our porous skin, our receptive eyes and ears, our smooth throats and our unique sense of smell, our bodies potential for freedom in movement and in life expands.
My yoga classes offer both the opportunity to be challenged and the opportunity to deeply release.
My dance classes provide a field for joyful physical exploration and community connection.
My choreography and performances are rich and involve the performers and audience in deep communion.
One-on-one sessions expand, heal, and augment each student’s expression in life.

My background: I was trained to use my mind and was fascinated by how my body worked, so, as a little girl I wanted to be a doctor. I had no idea how to be creative but I had a deep yearning to expand past the confines of the mind-centered, should-filled life.
I’m so facile at helping people live more deeply into their bodies because I have had to find lots and lots of ways to make the spiral into feeling my body and moving from deep within.

Creativity is the watershed of the personal transformation that has allowed me to find how to fulfill my life purpose.
Creativity is infinitely multi-faceted.  It provides a river of choices as we feel it coursing through us.  How we live our lives is the ultimate creative project.

The Confluence of Body and Spirit is the approach to In-Body-ing that I have created to open up infinite possibilities: for movement, for relationship to self, for relationship to other, and for relationship to life. In-body-ing work is joyful, deepening, perceptually opening, life-expanding, growthful and creative.

I have been most deeply taught by Susan Harper (Continuum Montage) and Hubert Godard (Portals of Perception) and David Whyte (his writings). Their teachings pour through me in a unique morphed form that is all my own.

                                                     Samara Michaelson is stillness too.Face

I have been teaching movement since 1988.  I started to study and teach yoga in 1992 when I was in graduate school for dance in North Carolina.

I have studied intensively with Susan Harper (Continuum Movement) and Hubert Godard (Portals of Perception).  I teach dream-embodiment workshops, rituals of transformation, and many other movement classes in an array of conscious dance styles.  I am a choreographer with Trillium Performing Arts Collective and I  teach weekly classes at my home studio in Lewisburg, WV.

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